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I’m back. It’s been awhile since I’ve shared anything publicly (and with any consistency!) In the last few years, I’ve shifted directions a bit (and shifted back, and over again) and as with any kind of journey there are twists and turns, curves, mountains and valleys, and the pursuit of the authentic self is no different.  

If you are irritated by every rub, how will your mirror be polished?  – Rumi

It can take you places you never thought of going and give you experiences you never even dreamed being possible.  The key is to be open and not attached to what you think you want, or even to what happens and to allow the divine river of life to carry you (for someone like me who likes to have more control, or at least know what’s going on, this can be seriously excruciating)

A couple months back, my Dad passed away.  There’s something about the death of a parent that makes you deeply evaluate everything.  Especially when that parent is filled with anguish and regrets.  I’ll share more about that in another post…

For years I’ve been trying to pinpoint what specific area to focus on, to pick a zone, so to speak.  And I’ve never been content to do that.  So I won’t. I’m a person who gets inspired by all sorts of things in the moment.   And these I hope to share.

I’m still about healing from the inside out, and an unearthing those brilliant hidden gems within you that have been buried for so long.

But I’m also about stepping into the joys of living creatively, expressing yourself out in the world and taking those adventurous risks to do so and living by Inspiration.

My intention is to share my journey and any fun tidbits that may come about and if they help or inspire you along the way, all the better 🙂