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At the end of the day, it is fear that stops us in our tracks and convinces us that it is not a smart idea to be who we truly are.

images-25And its that decision to run away from who we are that creates the energetic disruption leading to the physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances that completely derail our life.  The fear can be so deeply rooted in those survival programs, that we don’t even realize when we are acting from a place of safety versus who we are.

We can go on for a VERY long time being unaware of these fears and their corresponding beliefs.  But just because we are unaware, it doesn’t mean there’s no impact.

The energetic imbalance they create continues until these beliefs and emotions are addressed.

And many of us are REALLY good at ignoring the cues.  We are afraid to look at our fears. Which means these energy imbalances can go on for a REALLY long time!

This is where the body becomes such an indispensable tool.  It will always tell us, by pain and symptoms, the moment we have bought into a belief that does not resonate with the core of who we are.  It could be a belief based on someone’s behavior or it could be a belief we carry about ourselves.  But it always alerts us of  misalignments with who we truly are and how we are to live in this world.

We can choose to ignore the initial tap on the shoulder physically and emotionally, but as energetic disruption is still at at the physical level, the symptoms will only get worse until the belief or imbalance is addressed. It can become debilitating, painful and very scary.

If we are listening carefully, the body will give us the signals encouraging us make the necessary adjustments to restore our health.

However, the moment we make the choice to let go of our fears the energy shifts and the body responds.

And the symptoms ? They disappear as the balance is restored.  So at the end of the day, its the fears we carry that keep us from from total health.  Its those fears that prevent us from making choices that fully express who we truly are.    Pick something you are afraid of and go do it.  See what happens.





Lets talk about Fear

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Lets talk about Fear


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