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 The body, with all its wisdom, knows what to do to heal itself and maintain its life and has done so since its formation.  When we are feeling discomfort or disease, the body is not suddenly doing something different to us,  but we have been doing something that has now affected the body.  And the body is kindly or not so kindly (if we’ve been ignoring it for awhile) letting us know.

Now this is not to blame, but to empower.  If we have done something to compromise the energy flow in our body, that keeps our body from balancing itself, then we can do something different and restore flow and our health along with it.

Sometimes the boost  of a cleaner diet, extra rest or exercise can help. Other times, it doesn’t. It’s then that we have to look deeper and address the root cause.

Part of what our body does for us as we grow – really its number one job, in general – is to keep us alive and safe.  So when we grow up, the body is constantly on alert for threats or perceived threats to our safety. And when it experiences an energetic vibration, in the form of thoughts, emotions and behaviors that are different from its home frequency, it remembers.

If anything like that comes around again, it’ll know how to respond in a way to keep us safe and alive.

Adapting to these ‘threats’ is what programs us to take on the beliefs, emotions and behaviors of our surroundings versus what is actually US.


How we are programmed…

So we end up living with a false identity formed around these experiences that are misaligned from what we originally came in this world with.  We in essence run the program that our body created to keep us alive. For the most part, we tend not to care about our identities or question what we believe, why we believe it, or even if its true.  The program just runs, and we do whatever we do, not realizing how much those early experiences shape our lives and the everyday choices that we make.

What does this have to do with the energy flow in our bodies and how well it body heals itself? Everything.

You see, everything that we believe and feel that is not in alignment with who we are at a soul level, is remembered by the body as a threat. This energetic disruption directly affects the body’s energetic system where then optimal functioning is compromised as full access to life force energy is limited by these body crop

And our bodies let us know.

So think about it – Where in your life are you making choices out of safety?  What would you do different if you knew you would always be SAFE?  How would your life look?  What are some small steps you could take to start doing those things?  See what happens.