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The body and its health is so important in experiencing life to the fullest.   Think of how much we’d be missing out on if we were blindfolded, physically numbed, had ear plugs in and no way to move around.  We’d be missing out on quite a lot.


We come into this world to experience living in a body, being able to feel, touch, smell, move, jump, laugh, play.   Watch a baby and the joy they take in discovering their toes for the first time, standing on their feet for the first time, riding a bike for the first time and the bountiful energy they have to play, play, play as they experience the world through their bodies.

As life is experienced through our senses, we learn from the world and create beliefs around what we see, hear, smell, touch, taste based on the contrasts that we perceive.  The body becomes a learning mechanism to understand the world and its surroundings.  The initial newness of these experiences are lost as a pattern of learning takes over.   The first time a child is wobbling on their own two feet is replaced with the surety of a teenager going for a run.   And its nothing that we think about, the body just does what it has previously learned from trial and error.  You don’t direct the energy to be used as fuel for your cells in order to make your muscles contract so that you can propel your body forward.  No, It just does it for you.  It breathes for you. It maintains itself for you.  It moves for you. You don’t know how. You don’t need to.

And we totally take this for granted.  Most of us go through life without a real thought to the bodies function until something goes wrong.  Maybe something starts to feel off, maybe performance or energy isn’t what it used to be, or maybe we get diagnosed with something.  Clearly our body, from our perspective,  isn’t working ‘right’.  At this point we can feel like victims of our body and life betraying us.  That our body  is ‘wrong’ because it hurts or has an illness. And we don’t like it.


Consider that your body is doing exactly what it has always been doing 24/7 to maintain itself for you.  Consider the body’s feedback, in the form of pain, symptoms or illness is there by design.  That the body acts as a messenger to YOU, to let you know something is out of balance in your life.  And that this imbalance in your life is compromising your body.  When that message is fully received, the body no longer has to react in a way that will get your attention.

Take a few moments to pay attention to your body today and what it feels like.  Start with the top of your head and work your way down to your toes. Feel into each part of your body and pay attention to what you notice, if there’s any tension.  Then ask yourself:  Where is your life out of balance?    What would balance look like for you?  What is one thing you could do to inch yourself back into that place of balance?   Go do it and see what happens.